meet brittany


headshot-bs-1Hi, I am Brittany  a southern girl with a big ole’ heart to serve people and Jesus. This is not a “job” to me but instead a means to live and bring joy to those around me. From the first email to the final product, I strive to let every ounce of my heart overflow into my art and service. My clients become my friends which is why I inevitability cry at almost every wedding at one point in the day! When I’m not behind the camera, you can find me at my local thrift shop baby-wearing searching for the best deals or antiquing. I love watching movies and spending time outdoors when the weather is nice. My husband is  a chef here in Atlanta at Food 101, so naturally we love food and finding new places to try out. We just welcomed our sweet baby girl Harley Chapel into this world this year and she is the light of our lives.. being a mother is the most difficult yet most rewarding job ever. Although H is our first child, we did have 3 other babes in the picture before her: Sophie, Buddy & their baby- Tofu. We have two families in this household :) 

I never dreamed I’d be taking peoples pictures as my job, in all reality my dream was to sit a desk and be a corporate girl but somewhere God changed my heart.. He knew I really wanted be a mommy to my kids and have a flexible schedule but yet still use my talents. It all started with just one click literally. A small impromptu photo shoot with friends. I watched their love ignite right in front of me, and it was one of the biggest joys I have ever felt. I feel more than blessed to be able to serve you on your big day & I know it’s a difficult and usually expensive choice to make. There are lots of photographers on the market today and I wouldn’t say theirs much competition for me because you are choosing ME and theres only one of ME! I will be along your side all day so it’s important you pick a photographer you can get along with and enjoy their presence (although I like to stay behind the scenes as much as possible). So with all that said, let’s have some coffee!